Thursday, July 6, 2017

Making Things

As proof that quilts aren't the only thing I make, here's the icebox cake I did for my uncle and aunt's Fourth of July party:

And, of course, I got the quiet quilt finished:

The center four squares are each a quarter inch smaller than the others, so the center of the sashing is half an inch wider than the rest of it.  It's bound in the same gold as the corner blocks.  I didn't think to take a picture of the back, but it's another pale print with two green strips on the sides to make up the width.  I measured and mathed, but no matter how I plotted, I just didn't have enough of that pale artist print to make up the whole back.  Alas.

And, at the other end of the color spectrum, this is my current project:

My friend Jill had given me a whole bunch of offcuts from medical scrubs.  Veterinary scrubs, I suspect, given they all have animal prints.  But among the varying pieces were a whole bunch of nearly equilateral triangles of these three prints.  I measured the smallest, counted the pieces, and printed up some triangular graph paper to figure out if I had enough to make anything.  And, as it happened, what I had makes up a baby quilt.  It's roughly 39"x45".  So I trimmed and sewed and this is the result.

As Wonderful Husband put it, not fabrics I would have chosen to put together.  But they were freebies and it's been a fast project,  Plus I haven't worked much with equilateral triangles before.  I think it was a line from Full Metal Panic that went "Everything is experience." :)  I'm trying to decide what fabric to use as a backing.  These are my quick and fast pulls from the stash:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Go Me!

A very late post (oh crap, it's past midnight already?!) and I may regret this tomorrow, but I pushed through and got the quiet quilt completely quilted today.  Hooray!  Tomorrow will be trimming and binding and other fun things, but it's a jazzy kind of high to know I can get things done like this.

For now, turning off the computer, guiding Wonderful Husband away from his new Switch and his new Zelda game, and hieing off to bed.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Quiet Quilt

This afternoon I finally got the backing, batting, and top for the low-volume quilt laid out and basted:

This one is very much not in my usual mien, and there's a reason for that: it started with the center sixteen four-patches, which were among the stuff I bought at Costume College last year.  I had to trim them and then dig deep into my stash to find a fabrics that kind of went-with.  I'm trying very hard to work from my stash only.  As it is, the sashing is the back side of that particular fabric, and the fabric with the pink peonies I had to use every last scrap: a few of the patches are pieced! Fortunately the alternate blocks in the four-patches are simple undyed muslin, which I had on hand.

At this point I've done straight-line quilting in the sashing, and I know what free-motion designs I want to do in the blocks.  But that will take waiting until sometime when Jazzy is napping so I can put all the stuff on my sewing desk onto the ground in order to be able to move the quilt about freely...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Catching Up

Got the Deep Purple wallhanging dropped off at the fairgrounds on Saturday.  This was after the mommy-baby yoga class I go to, so I had both Jazzy and Squiddle with me.  I got my free ticket for my entry, and I'll get another free ticket for working my guild's booth on our day there.  So we're going to the fair this year!  We haven't gone to the fair in years, so this will be the first time for the boys.  The big Ferris wheel stays set up year round, I believe, so Squiddle really wanted to go on it on Saturday.  I had to explain it wasn't plugged in yet.

Otherwise, I have pieced together every. single. last. green string I have.  And is it enough?  No.  But I've got two sides of the final border on the workshop wallhanging, which I've decided I'm going to call Poinsettia Landing.  And the rest of the border that I've pieced set aside.  I need to beg green strings from my guildmates, I guess.

Being still in kind of a string-piecing headspace, I pulled out the foundation papers for String-X and used up all my yellow strings for another block inspired by the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Then I counted up how many I had, and I have fifty quarter-blocks.  It takes forty-eight to make the quilt.  So I'm depapering them, then will do a layout and see how I want them to go.  Some are randomly scrappy, some are RSC colors, so.  Then I'll trim the corners, cut the triangles, and start assembling this into a top.

And the weather is finally turned tolerable again, so hopefully sometime in the next couple days I can get the low-volume quilt basted!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Chugging Along

I stole some cutting and sewing time today and got done the last six tumblers for the ginormous bright tumbler quilt, then sewed the last row together.  I've also stitched another length of green thread on the Christmas tablecloth, finishing off one small bouquet and moving on to the next.

Tomorrow I take the round robin wall hanging and drop it off at the county fair.  The finishes picture I have of it hanging in my guild's quilt show has lousy lighting, so here it is as a flimsy:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coming Up Daisies

The last of the cross-stitch daisies blocks I've been working on for what seems like forever.  I was trying to get this last block to have all the crosses going the same way... then I muffed it on two flower petals.  Sigh.  Still, not like anyone is ever likely to find the flaws and critique me on them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ways to Beat the Heat

Ha!  I finished the last daisy block... and forgot to take a picture of it while the daycube still glowed.  Ah well, tomorrow.  I have subsequently unfolded the tablecloth (roughly 75" x 55") and started in on that.  It's three colors: red, green, and yellow, all pretty close to primary.  The red is all done.  The green, I have six small bouquets and one large along one side, and then eight small and two more large in the center.  The yellow, I have the same number of bows as bouquets, plus fifty bajillion French knots.  I might have this done by this Christmas, but next is more likely.

Thinking to switch out sewing machines and give another a workout (the 301A got put away last night as part of an effort to tidy up), I pulled out my Singer 101 that lives in a Queen Anne table.

No dice.  Something's wrong between the plug and the motor and light.  Wonderful Husband, who has taken electrician's classes far more recently than myself, wasn't able to diagnose it either let alone fix it.  So at some point I'm going to need to lay out money and take the whole thing, table and all, in for repair....